Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Barbara will be giving two talks:


Messages from the spirit world are all around us, from visitations in the dream time to falling feathers. Join Barbara in this interactive workshop to harness your natural intuitive side, as she  helps you to determine the very real message spirit are giving you at this time. Come along with your questions which Barbara will answer through her mediumship and psychic abilities.


Learn how to access your previous lifetimes in order to remove and recognise the pain, fear and trauma that you have brought with you into this life. 

By looking at your different reincarnations you will start to see a new you unfolding. 

Barbara, who has thirty years of experience in transmuting people's original wounding, will take you through a powerful journey meditation to heal, set your soul free and remember who you really you. 


Flavia Kate Peters

Flaviawill be giving two talks:

FAIRIES - Discover The Magical World of Nature Spirits

Join Hay House author Flavia Kate Peters, as she introduces her new book, to discover how you can connect with the Fairy Elemental Kingdom to re-awaken and bring yourself back into alignment with the natural world. Working this way with the Fairies enhances one's magical abilities, heals spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing and brings about a very real connection to the Elemental Realm. Workshop includes magical altar work, fairy spells and meditation.


When you listen to the angels’ loving guidance you become more peaceful and happy as a result. They guide us in the areas of relationships, career, health, finances and anything that you feel you need assistance with. In this workshop you will discover your own personal spiritual communication style so that you can more easily recognise the visions, words, thoughts and feelings you receive as Divine guidance – a step by step guide to clearly receiving messages from your angels, making them a beloved part of your life.

Body and Soul Fayre

Progression Therapy

Is Progression Therapy a Freak of Nature or a Survival Technique?

Imagine if you had the advantage of knowing your present and future Fate right now? 
How do you think this knowledge would change your present life circumstances?
Think, how it would feel to have the opportunity to recreate your Present-Day Outcome?

Imagine how you would feel to use this Future Life knowledge as fuel to empower yourself with confidence today? Therefore, is Progression Therapy a freak of nature or has it been designed by our Soul as a survival technique?  Gone are the days when we wait for Fate to show up in our lives!

Want to know more, come along to this free talk with Joanfrances Boyle on the weekend of Body & Soul Fayre.



The Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust

Body and Soul Fayre

Madame Maggie

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Linda Scoular Kinesiology


Make Believe Mirror Stickers  


Precious Twigs


Valerie Lawrence

Body and Soul Fayre


Kairos Therapy


Rudraksha Gems


Reiki Catriona Whyte

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Light & life

Body and Soul Fayre

Biotherapy Glasgow

Body and Soul Fayre

Scottish Fairy Door Company


Body and Soul Fayre

Fairyland Aromatics

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Carol-Anne Tarot Master


Holistic Awareness

Body and Soul Fayre

Audrey Yeardley

Body and Soul Fayre

Wheesht Masks

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Joan Frances

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Tarot From Pat


Tarot Paraphernalia